Sectors / Asset Types

  • • Battery Storage
  • • Pumped Storage Hydro
  • • Co-Location Projects
  • • EV Charge Points
  • • Gas Peakers


Source: National Grid "Network Development Roadmap" consultation document (2018)

The GB energy market is undergoing fundamental and rapid change, with decentralised and flexible generation playing an increasingly important and integral role.  Whilst the demand is clear, the sector is still evolving and there are no specific long-term contracted subsidies or feed-in-tariffs available.  In this “merchant” revenue world, developers, suppliers and asset owners face many challenges understanding how to design, fund, build and operate flexible generation assets in the most profitable way.

Despite these challenges, a range of revenue opportunities do exist, and others are evolving.  The REMAP team has been actively participating in the GB sector since 2014, with focus on the potential revenue applications for flexible generation and energy storage.  Our previous experience as asset owners/developers means we take a holistic view, delivering the commercial objectives whilst having due regard for specific technical characteristics and relevant regulatory requirements.

Our Services

Revenue Strategy:  Strategic advice, price optimisation analysis, revenue stacking options, regulatory assistance, performance monitoring and reporting.

Tender Management:  Process management, load profiling, warranty cost analysis.  REMAP can add value to either project owners or equipment suppliers to optimise balance of cost and performance.

Financial Modelling: Unlike many consultants, REMAP has experience in both advising on, and owning development projects.  Our model assumptions are based on experience, underpinned by logic and analysis.  We are not afraid to challenge the views of third party consultants if it is in the best interests of the client.

We offer a wide financial modelling service including: Model production, monthly revenue forecasts and costs, sensitivity analysis, portfolio analysis and valuations – all the tools essential for raising finance.  Our models regularly stand up to scrutiny from independent model auditors and project finance lenders.

Project Management:  Project sourcing, supplier procurement, corporate & fund structuring, due diligence, contract negotiation and transaction execution.  We pride ourselves in our ability to set and manage project budgets, supervise external advisors, and manage stakeholder expectations.

Capital Raising: The REMAP team has an extensive network of both Equity and Debt capital providers.  We have experience in drafting promotional materials and can assist in capital raising (equity or debt, subject to relevant regulatory restrictions).  REMAP also has significant experience in structuring non-recourse debt for “merchant” revenue projects.

Special Projects:  Prior to focusing on the GB Energy Market, the REMAP team spent considerable time sourcing and analysing Renewable opportunities for investors in Europe, the USA, and India.  REMAP has strong capability in analysis, research, business plan development and feasibility studies.  We are available to assist clients looking to source, analyse or promote specific opportunities located anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to deliver projects.  We work closely with clients, acting as an extension of management, and tailor our scope to provide maximum value and efficiency.

REMAP is open to discussing innovative and/or flexible structures in relation to remuneration for its services.  We structure proposals on a “phased” basis to minimise abort risk.  The key objective is to align interests with stakeholders to maximise the potential for success of the project.